Sebastian ACHAVAL & Roxana SUAREZ

After having walked through tango roads for more than 10 years, studying with the most representative teachers, completing their education with other dances and making tango a profession, they joined their ways to start a common career back in February 2007. Since then they work giving group and private classes in renowned studios and milongas of Buenos Aires and they perform regularly in the city’s famous dance-floors. In addition they take part in festivals all around the world, making workshops and exhibitions. Within this time they have done several international tours visiting important cities in South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

About their style, they define themselves as “dance-floor” dancers because their dance is intimate and authentic, representing the tango experienced in Buenos Aires milongas in which feeling is the predominant dimension.

It is a very personal style that combines a close but warm and comfortable embrace with the subtleness of figures with quality movements. They add to that the musical performance and the elegance that identify them in their walk.

In each show, whether on a dance floor or a stage, they underline the essence and tradition of tango in its golden times, with a young and authentic view.