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pullman ınternatıonal conventıon center

With its 783 luxury rooms, 1680 m2 Grand Ballroom (Milonga Venue), 750 m2 Babylon Hall (Marathon Venue), 2000 m2 numerous class rooms, and a theatre for the concerts, everything has been thought out with precision to cater to your every need, all while providing a grand and stunning atmosphere. Let’s not forget there is a first-class restaurant with open buffet 3 times per day, resting areas, indoor pool, spa, and fitness center that await you.


Pullman Istanbul  Convention Center 

The 17th tanGOTOistanbul is set to be the most unforgettable tango festival, and it’s all happening in the luxurious Pullman International convention center, featuring two of the most exquisite hotels around. “Pullman and Mercure Hotel” (Both 5 Stars).Prepare to experience the best accommodation, dazzling classes, mesmerizing milongas, soulful concerts, thrilling competitions, and much more in this unique location.

We are excited to share that we have a special partnership with the hotel management which allows our participants to enjoy exclusive discounted rates when booking their rooms through our festival registration system. Check out the special prices available below, but remember, rooms are limited in each section. Booking early is highly recommended to secure your spot!


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